About Peoples and Dry Cleaning

What is Dry cleaning?
Dry cleaning is actually a method of removing stains and dirt from fabrics by using a solvent instead of water. It works much like machine-washing in that garments are placed within a large tumbling basket, partially filled with solvent. So it’s not really dry, it just doesn’t use water.

What can dry cleaning do?
The dry cleaning process is comprised of a number of steps. First, we examine the care labels on the clothing and the type of stain or soiling to determine which method(s) will best clean the garment. Next we work to remove body or food oils typically present from day-to-day wearing of garments. Water-based stains such as coffee, wine or soda may require extra “spot” treatments prior to dry cleaning. The final part of the process is known as “finishing.” This is where the item is pressed and hung without incurring any shine or button impressions.

How frequently should a garment be dry cleaned?
Contrary to what many quality clothing shops will tell you, garments should be cleaned almost every time they are worn. Dirt and body oils are the enemy of any type of fabric, and the longer the dirt and oils are left in the material the more damage they can do especially in the wear areas (cuffs, collars, elbows). Frequent dry cleaning eliminates this problem, which means items may be dry cleaned after every wearing.

What is Gender pricing?
Peoples Cleaners doesn’t base cleaning prices on gender, but rather on what we have to do to the garment. Fancier buttons and fabrics typically mean extra care needs to be taken and more work needs to be done to clean the garment. Whether the item is men’s or ladies, a shirt is a shirt. However, some clothes – like silks and beaded accents – take more effort to keep them safe.

I’ve spilled something on my favorite garment, what do I do?
First consider what kind of fabric you are wearing. DO NOT apply water or club soda on the stain, and don’t rub the spot either. Simply blot the spill with a clean (light colored) cloth or paper towel then bring it in as soon as you can.

Can Peoples clean items with fancy buttons or fabrics?
Peoples Cleaners has the expertise and the equipment to handle almost every kind of cleaning request you bring in. We hand inspect every single item to determine the best way to clean it, follow the care labels and take extra precautions with items that need more delicate care. We also remove & re-sew one-of-a-kind or specialty buttons so they do not get damaged.

Does Peoples offer pick up & delivery Services?
Peoples Cleaners will pick up and return items damaged from fire/water/smoke events, as well as larger household items such as draperies. We are currently offering home/ office pick up and delivery to select zip codes. Please call or email for more info

In case of fire/water/smoke damage what can Peoples do to help?
Peoples Cleaners will empty linen closets, strip bedding, and pack everything “washable” and dry-cleanable from stuffed animals to purses and shoes. We are competitively priced, and do everything we can to help take the burden of the event off the victim of the disaster.

Is it OK to leave my cleaned clothes in the plastic bags I get from my cleaners?
If you store your garments in heated or air conditioned space the items will be fine, provided there is no moisture present. However, if you store your garments in an attic, garage, basement, storage unit or similar environment, plastic bags will inhibit the fabric from breathing and can add to the formation of mildew.

How long do you keep clothing and household items before getting rid of them?
We keep items for 180 days, in accordance with Virginia state law. After that they become our property, unless storage arrangements have been made. We can store your garments for a nominal fee per season (summer/winter).